Travelling around Iceland is relatively straight forward and nowadays, with the aid of technology that almost all of us carry with us everywhere we go (our smartphones), it’s easier than ever. Here we’ve collated a number of apps which will help make your time in Iceland safer as well as enable you to get more from your visit.

112 Iceland

The 112 Iceland app makes it possible to contact 112 without calling. Clear simple app menu assists users in explaining what is happening and send a text message to an emergency operator. As soon as the app contacts the emergency operator your location is sent to the emergency center, along with the personal information stored in the app and a description of what is going on. This makes it possible to respond even more quickly to your call.

Available on iOS and Android

Conditions in Iceland can be unusual

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If you are looking for things to do in Marbella to make the most of your beach vacation, you’ve come to the right place. We are rounding up the best beaches in Marbella as well as cultural experiences, and its top attractions. Are you ready to start planning your trip to the Mediterranean? Read on.

Things to do in Marbella, Spain

A glamorous town in Southern Spain, Marbella is the shining star of Costa del Sol. With long promenades lining its sandy beaches, beach bars, and charming old town, a trip to this beautiful Spanish City on the Mediterranean Sea is not to be missed.

We fell in love with the culture of the Old Town Marbella, our daily walks on the boardwalk, and sampling its delicious Spanish Cuisine. After spending a week in the tourist capital of Costa del Sol, we felt that we could move here. Plus, with

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Day of the Dead Mexico City

When you eventually pass away, wouldn’t you want your family to remember you with a party each year? You’d be welcomed home with your favorite foods, music, jokes and elaborate personalized decorations. Two days would be dedicated to the good times you shared and keeping the fun rolling. We love this light-hearted look at death, and celebration of life, that manifests around Mexico every November 1st and 2nd. Elements of Día de Muertos date back thousands of years, though when the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 16th century, indigenous and Christian traditions had to find a way to coexist. To practice under Catholic rule, the Aztecs adopted All Saints and All Souls Days and other trappings of Christianity by adding altars and crosses to their pagan displays. What started as a workaround is now one of the most poetic expressions of culture, to the level of earning UNESCO status. We

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There’s something very Steinbeck about the idea of getting up with the sun, poking the coals, and pouring yourself a rough, gritty cup of coffee with that delicious aroma to shock yourself awake before a day of doing…whatever it is that John Steinbeck’s characters got up to. Ambient suffering, mostly, I think.

But for some of us, coffee isn’t just a morning necessity – it’s a way of life. And, for coffee drinkers, the idea of making a cup of subpar coffee is borderline sacrilegious if you’ve got high standards.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste for convenience when you’re out in the wilderness, especially now that the market is constantly being updated with new, efficient options for adventurers who like the finer things in life. Like finely ground coffee.

See what I did there? I’m here all week.

I’ve been traveling and exploring the outdoors for a better

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Here, in South Africa, we are blessed to have a beautiful and generally, sunny country. Make the most of it by taking a dip in a pool or whip out your sunblock and work on that sun-kissed golden tan by the poolside. Thankfully, Travelstart’s swimming guide has got you sunseekers and serious swimmers covered with a list of a variety of different pool experiences. Travelstart has got them all, from elegant poolside lounging, cocktail-in-hand, to full-on Olympic work-out.

Go for Olympic Gold at Ellis Park Swimming Pool, JHB

ellis park pool designindaba

Image of Ellis Park Pool courtesy of Design Indaba

This is the biggest and best public pool in Jozi, where gold medalist swimmers have trained. Ellis park is Olympic-sized and heated in winter. Join in the festive atmosphere on weekends with families and friends, braaing while enjoying the occasional dip. Alternatively go during the week to get

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Most of you would probably think of Dubai as THE place to go in the Middle East, and that’s for a reason. But the actual capital city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi, located just a 90-minute drive along the coast from Dubai, and there are heaps to be discovered there as well.

We suggest that those tourists who are staying in Dubai should book Dubai to Abu Dhabi tour from local tour operators to travel conveniently and discover Abu Dhabi attractions with ease and no hassle. And if you want to visit Abu Dhabi on your own or stay in Abu Dhabi, you can opt to hire a car or rent a taxi and enjoy the tour yourself

Other articles you can read:

Internationally, Abu Dhabi is most famous for its impressive mosque or the annual final Formula 1 race of

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Have you ever imagined what heaven on Earth looks like? This place, thanks to 16 emerald-green lakes, countless waterfalls and a centuries-old forest, evokes what heaven on Earth should look like. In recent years, outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular. A large number of couples wish their big day to be set in idyllic greenery and natural surroundings. Outdoor weddings are different and unique. They arise from the imagination and wishes of couples, and they come true through good cooperation. Smiling and happy faces, embraced by the smell of the forest, the sound of waterfalls and the emotions of their guests, show that fairy-tale weddings are definitely possible.

To get married under the beautiful Plitvice waterfalls. Is there anything more beautiful than that? The “ Plitvice wedding” was created as a vision of the fusion of man and nature.  On October 7, 1968, the idea of couples, and international ones

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Grand Prismatic Spring is Yellowstone’s star attraction. It attracts crowds from around the world to marvel at the vibrant colors of the largest hot spring in the United States. It’s an easy place to visit when driving around the Grand Loop Road of Yellowstone National Park but there are some tips to make your experience at Grand Prismatic more spectacular than simply pulling off and walking around the boardwalk.

How to Visit Grand Prismatic

Are you ready to visit Yellowstone’s most colorful hot spring? Let’s go!

If you are looking to have the best visit to Grand Prismatic Spring, read on to find out all of our tips and information to get the best views, learn when the most optimal time to visit is, and answer any other questions you have about visiting Grand Prismatic Spring.

Where is Grand Prismatic Spring

How to visit Grand Prismatic Spring Location midway geyser basin map

Grand Prismatic Spring is located in Midway Geyser Basin

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Franklin TN Travel guide

It’s not easy to keep a historic town beautifully preserved…and even harder to update it to 21st-century sustainability standards. But Franklin, Tennessee (est. 1799) has accomplished the rare combo of National Historic Register of Places and LEED-certification…citywide! They are just one of 120 cities (of the ~20,000 in the USA), to have earned this Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accolade for their forward-thinking systems and improved quality of life. Locals are proud of where they’re from so they take good care of their hometown and are happy to share it. Walking the historic streets full of independent shops and cafes, canoeing right from our hotel, and tapping our feet to live music all over town, we quickly fell in love with this place too. Long overshadowed by its big-city neighbor Nashville, Franklin is no longer a day-trip destination. We stayed four nights in the area and still have more

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Backpacking is easily my favorite pastime, whether it is a single night in the woods or a 2,600 mile thru-hike. It is the best feeling to carry everything you need to survive on your back then walk out into the wilderness. Along the way you are always bound to see and experience some pretty amazing things. 

Your backpack is arguably the most important piece of gear to consider when preparing for your backpacking trip. It is your contact point to the rest of your stuff during your entire adventure. I have had the pleasure of trying a number of packs and am pretty picky when it comes to what I like and don’t like. 

When choosing a pack for backpacking trips it is important to have all of your other gear in mind. Once you know what kind of gear you have, or want to invest in, you’ll know how

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