Many studies say that traveling for a vacation to a place is a true index of happiness rather than buying luxury goods. No exception for women who have a hobby of traveling to visit the places of their dreams. But for women who want to travel alone, it’s a good idea to listen to the following six safe tips quoted from Wolipop.

Go in the Afternoon

Unpleasant events can indeed happen at any time. Even so, one of the main tips when traveling alone is to go during the day. That way, it is hoped that female travelers can explore more safely. Reported by AOL, in addition to minimizing crime, this step will also prevent you from getting confused or lost in unfamiliar surroundings when it is dark.

Don’t Look Like A Tourist

After that, try not to look like a tourist. If you get lost, of course, it never …

8 Travel Tips to Europe for Your First Trip!

27 Europe Travel Tips For Your Euro Trip | Geeky Explorer

With a variety of very interesting tourist attractions, Europe is a destination that is always crowded with tourists. Are you planning to go to Europe for the first time? The guide below will not only help you prepare travel plans but also make your travel activities even more interesting.

Determine the Destination

Traveling alone leaves you free to decide which country or city to go to. If this is your first time traveling to Europe without a tour, it’s not uncommon to want to visit as many destinations there. In fact, Europe is not a small place. The more destinations you want to visit will affect the time and cost required. Just a note, the school holiday period in June-July and year-end holidays in December – January are the most expensive seasons in Europe. If you plan to save on budget, go outside of those two periods. Set a time, …

3 Reasons to Book a Cruise for Your Next Vacation

There are several reasons to book a cruise for your next vacation. From ease and convenience to financial savings, a cruise can be one of the best ways to explore the world.

3 Reasons to Book a Cruise for Your Next Vacation







Traveling by sea has always had an air of romance attached to it. Crossing the oceans with the wind in your hair and the panoramic backdrops of stunning sunsets and endless waves can instantly transport passengers to the glamor and golden age of sail.

In modern times, this mode of transport has been superseded by air travel, which takes people across waters and countries in a fraction of the time. Fast does not necessarily mean better. However, there are many benefits that a slower and more scenic way of travel can bring you.

This article will show why you should consider booking a cruise for your next vacation.

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3 Reasons to

20 luxury drinks to enjoy this Christmas (2022) – US & Canada edition

With such an array of wonderful drinks available at Christmas-time, it’s never been easier to get into the holiday spirit (no pun intended). What’s more, there are lots of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available. Whatever your drink of choice may be, here are some ideas to make the most of the festive season.

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30 Fun Things to do in Miami, Florida

Looking for things to do in Miami? You have chosen wisely. An enthralling weekend getaway, Miami is a hot spot to pause reality and indulge in some fun in the sun. Combining world-class beaches, exotic nightlife, and a mouthwatering food scene, Miami won’t disappoint.

Both new and returning travelers will always find something exciting to do in Miami. From exploring the Miami Design District, embracing its historic architecture, and experiencing traditional Cuban culture in Little Havana there is something for everyone in Miami.

Best Things to do in Miami

Ready to make the trip to South Florida? Find what you’re looking for with our guide to the best things to do in Miami. Do you want to know more about the world around Miami? Read our guide to the best places to visit in Florida.

things to do in miami waterfront view

Miami is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. So get ready

World’s Most Romantic and Sustainable Destinations

sustainable honeymoon destinationsWhat are we doing for our 10th year on honeymoon? We’re going on a quest for the world’s most romantic and sustainable destinations! Places that aren’t just trying to be green, but those who’ve made it their compass. Tourism that actively makes the surrounding environment and communities stronger, all while inspiring their guests to do the same. We know romance and sustainability are the perfect pair and we can’t wait to see where this next chapter takes us. See our highly coveted destinations thus far…

Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

First up on our year-long quest to find the world’s most romantic and sustainable destinations…Tetiaroa, French Polynesia! For centuries, this gorgeous atoll north of Tahiti was a sacred meeting ground for Polynesian royalty. In the 1960s, Marlon Brando came to these coral islets to film Mutiny on the Bounty, fell in love with his leading lady, and made Tetiaroa their home.

34 Best Travel Gadgets & Accessories of 2022

Have you ever been in a noisy café trying to siphon WiFi for an important business meeting? Or in a foreign country, only to realize you have the incorrect wall adapter for charging your laptop or critical device?

We’ve all been there. And after more than a decade of travel, I’ve learned which travel gadgets are packing essentials and which ones are better off left at home. These are 34 of the best travel gadgets to pack when traveling both domestically and internationally.

Mophie Portable Powerstation

One of the most important things to have is power. Not just personal power over your travel plans, but actual power to your devices. In a recent study of 1,000 participants conducted by technology company ZAGG, 89% of people considered a portable power bank to be an essential packing item.

Indeed, choosing a high-quality power bank will help keep your devices alive and thriving. It’s an essential