It’s that time of year again! Christmas present shopping can be particularly difficult sometimes, especially if the recipient appears to already have everything imaginable. But don’t lose heart; with this compilation of festive gift suggestions, you can find some inspiration! We have some fantastic present ideas for the lady in your life. Spoil her this Christmas with one of the many items we’ve listed below.

Onthego MM from Louis Vuitton

The name says it all: the Onthego MM from Louis Vuitton takes care of business or shopping, with plenty of room for a busy woman’s essentials. With classic Monogram canvas on one side and Monogram Reverse on the other, it is virtually two bags in one. Twin Toron top handles and two shoulder straps offer several different carry styles, for extra versatility.

Adore Puffy Parker from Helly Hansen

This on-trend, puffer-style women’s parka from Helly Hansen comes with fold-up reflectors

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Mediterranean food is adored worldwide. The cuisine is widely praised for its healthy fats and prevention of cardiovascular disease, with plenty of minimally processed meats, healthy oils, fresh vegetables, and herbs and spices. Mediterranean recipes are so popular that they are now recreated in most corners of the world. However, they stem from three culinary regions; Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

25 Traditional Mediterranean Dishes

Traditional Turkish Food

Mediterranean food might have adapted and spread globally, but we’ll explore the most traditional versions of the best Mediterranean dishes. Whether you want to try recreating a dish at home or are planning to visit the Mediterranean region, this guide will cover the best traditional Mediterranean dishes you need to try.

1. Greek Salad, aka Horiatiki

greek food guide table

Greek salad is a classic Mediterranean dish, and Greek food is one of the most famous Mediterranean cuisines. It is the perfect summer salad, with fresh

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Things to do in YosemiteAs a couple that gave up pretty much everything (house, job, community, most possessions, etc.) to follow a dream, we are always on the lookout for our tribe. We scoured the globe for badass traveling duos to share their favorite place and piece of advice in our book Ultimate Journeys for Two. We’ve made a point to pen-pal and wine-Zoom with like-minded couples we’ve met in Argentina, Norway, Slovenia, Costa Rica, and other far-off places to keep that sense of community in our nomadic lives. Pairs like this can be hard to come by, but somehow when we came to Mariposa County, we met inspiring couples left and right…a pair of advertising execs that ditched it all for a cider apple farm…health care professionals who decided they’d rather be restoring forgotten vineyards…San Francisco night club owners who decided to bring music and community to a ghost town. We were

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Kyoto is a beautiful city located in central Japan. Many people flock here because of the rich culture. Kyoto is famous for its many tourist attractions including palaces, temples, and shrines, and it’s easy accessibility to Tokyo and Osaka. During my 2 days in Kyoto Itinerary, I was able to see many of the city’s popular attractions and I wanted to share how I spent my 2 days in Kyoto.

It was not easy to create an itinerary for visiting Kyoto because there were so many other places I could have seen and visited during my stay here. However, I have curated the best of Kyoto spots to visit for 2 days in Kyoto from Fushimi Inari to Nishiki Market. 

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Kiyomizu-dera Temple | 2 Days in Kyoto
Kiyomizu-dera Temple | 2 Days in Kyoto


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  • Luggage: It depends
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Ah! The Gambia! I’m still in Africa, and this time, I visited the Gambia and stayed in one of the best beach resorts in the country – Kololi Beach Resort!

If you’re a new follower/reader, I’m a world traveler that aims to travel the world by using my Philippines Passport. I’m now in West Africa and exploring the Gambia. I’m just a few countries left before I reach my goal. Hopefully I’d be able to achieve this by next year.

Kololi Beach Resort One of the Best Beach Resort in The Gambia

I’m just so glad that Kololi Beach Resort is now a part of this journey and I couldn’t thank them enough for this. I stayed here with my friend, a world traveler as well, Daniel. Below are the details of how our stay went.

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Where is Kololi Beach Resort?

Kololi Beach Resort is in a very strategic location which is ideal for me as

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