Jams on Vacation, Here’s a Solution to Avoid it

Jams is something that will make us sick when we are going to enjoy the holidays. When you go on road trips (buses and private cars) during long vacations, you often encounter roads that are jammed due to the accumulation of vehicles, traffic jams make us and our families in a bad mood. Here are tips for avoiding traffic jams on vacation:

1. Learn the Paths that Have the Potential to Jams

The first step you can take to avoid traffic jams is to find out if your travel route is prone to traffic jams. This can be done by checking traffic info or asking for information on the regional traffic unit that you are going to cross. This can be done easily, one of which is through social networking media (twitter, Facebook and Instagram) that have been provided.

2. Looking for Alternative Paths to Avoid Traffic Jams

Another step you can take to avoid the stress of being stuck in traffic when holidays on vacation is to avoid main roads that are often jammed. After knowing the areas that are prone to traffic jams, it’s better to find alternative routes. To do this, you can use a regular map or a device with global positioning system (GPS) technology embedded in a smartphone or available in some cars.

3. Depart Early to Avoid Traffic Jams

Most people choose the same time to travel, because holidays are shared by all agencies. If the trend is known, then you can avoid this time by leaving earlier than most people. This choice of step can not only prevent you from getting stuck on the highway but may also make it easier for you to enjoy your destination tourist attraction without having to jostle with other visitors.

4. Use public transportation

Another step to avoid the stress of traffic jams is to take advantage of public transportation services. By using a private vehicle besides adding to the congestion, you will also feel tired because you have to drive while waiting for the traffic to flow smoothly. With public transportation, you can rest and do other activities when stuck in traffic.

5. Ready to get rid of boredom

Before leaving, you should equip yourself with various boredom-busting devices, which is a smart anticipation to avoid stress along the way. If you like listening to songs, don’t forget to bring an MP3 player, or a book to accompany your trip. Your favorite device can kill boredom when the vehicle you’re riding in doesn’t move because it’s stuck in traffic. Providing food and drink will also be useful to prevent you from starving during very bad traffic jams.

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