Outfit Style’s Recommendation For Comfortable Holiday in Singapore

School holidays are coming around. Well, for those of you who love traveling, of course, you will prepare for it from now. Because the conditions are getting better, you can go on vacation anywhere nowadays, either domestically or abroad. Many countries have opened their borders to tourists. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other ASEAN countries are ready to welcome you.

Singapore is the right choice for a vacation with family. The country has a lot of interesting places to visit. They also have great hotels to stay at such as Aston, Marina Bay, or hotel near Tampines and so on.

Not only hotels, but Changi Airport Singapore is also a fun place to explore. It has a park, movie theater, hotels, and a playground. So, when you arrive don’t rush to leave the airport. Many Singaporeans make the airport a tourist destination.

A lot of things you need to prepare before traveling abroad. You must be ready for your passport, visa, accommodation, itinerary, and health. Especially with this COVID-19 pandemic, your health will really need extra attention. But apart from that, there are other things you also need to pay attention to your luggage and clothes.

Choosing comfortable clothes when traveling is very important. Especially if you want to  look beautiful and charming while traveling. For Muslim women in Indonesia, choosing beautiful and comfortable clothes is difficult, because the hot and humid air makes them uncomfortable when traveling outside. So, I will try to provide 4 tips for choosing comfortable clothes for the holidays.

1. Loose Jeans

Trousers that are too tight is not a good idea for your vacation. It will make the Movement of your body more limited because of tight pants. You better wear loose pants. Do not worry, these kinds of pants still look trendy. You can combine it with a casual t-shirt and shoes.

2. Dress/Overall

Overalls or dresses are quite comfortable for travel because they usually have a soft material. Now it’s not only like dresses, overalls can also be pants or what is known as a jumpsuit.

This jumpsuit can be combined with a leather jacket or a light sweater. In addition, the jumpsuit also looks cool when you combine it with almost all types of shoes, from high heels to sneakers.

3. Casual Shoes

If your vacation requires several times to change planes or other vehicles, then the right shoe you should choose is a sneaker. These shoes are comfortable. People usually use it for running or exercise. Despite the function,  this kind of shoe has many interesting types and colors too. You can choose a masculine or feminine style. This type of shoe will make your trip happier.

4. Hat

Hats are one of the accessories that make your trip more comfortable. For ladies, you can choose a floppy hat/sun hat. The uniqueness of the floppy hat is that it has a wide edge and different sizes. The edges are wavy beautifully. When you wear a floppy hat, your appearance will seem more feminine and elegant.

Unlike the baseball hat, the use of a floppy hat tends to be limited and momentary. Usually, this type of hat is worn while on vacation to the beach. This hat is also very suitable to be worn during outdoor activities and during the day because it can protect the face from the sun. This kind of hat is suitable if you stay at Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore.

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