Many studies say that traveling for a vacation to a place is a true index of happiness rather than buying luxury goods. No exception for women who have a hobby of traveling to visit the places of their dreams. But for women who want to travel alone, it’s a good idea to listen to the following six safe tips quoted from Wolipop.

Go in the Afternoon

Unpleasant events can indeed happen at any time. Even so, one of the main tips when traveling alone is to go during the day. That way, it is hoped that female travelers can explore more safely. Reported by AOL, in addition to minimizing crime, this step will also prevent you from getting confused or lost in unfamiliar surroundings when it is dark.

Don’t Look Like A Tourist

After that, try not to look like a tourist. If you get lost, of course, it never …

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The government has implemented indonesia travel requirements or several rules that foreigners must meet to enter Indonesia. This is important especially if you have a foreign friend or relative, so that they can stay in Indonesia safely and legally. This requirement, of course, applies whatever the purpose. Whether it’s for a quick visit or enjoying some of the attractions in Indonesia. 

The Latest Rules for Entry to Indonesia

The government has announced several new rules or conditions for traveling from abroad to Indonesia. This regulation has certainly been adjusted to the high number of Covid 19 cases. In addition, it should be underlined that this rule only applies to passengers using airplanes as a means of transportation:

1. Conditions for International Travelers

There are several criteria for international travelers who are allowed to enter Indonesia. The first is an Indonesian citizen (WNI) and a foreign citizen (WNA) with various conditions:…

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Transfer in tourism is the transportation of tourists. It is foreign when transfer services are provided in the country of arrival. Transportation of tourists is carried out from the place of arrival (railway station, port, airport) to the hotel and back. A group transfer is included in the price of the tour; a vehicle is used for transportation, which takes tourists to different hotels. Because of this, the trip may take longer. Individual transfer is paid separately. At the request of the client, a car, minivan, or limo from Denver to Keystone is provided.

Transfer Benefits

  • Fixed price. The trip’s price is fixed at the time of booking the transfer and remains unchanged.
  • Choice of vehicle. The client himself chooses the class of the vehicle (economy, business, premium) and it’s capacity (sedan, jeep, minivan). When accepting an order, the manager will specify the number and size of luggage to choose
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Your life has become a constant stream of worries, meeting needs, doing household and work chores, realizing all your long-term plans, what drains all your strength from you?  For high-quality rest, people really need to change the situation, move into the world of recreation, new and unique experiences – preferably, far from civilization, the possibilities of man-made influence on the human body.

Such a holiday reflects the current trend in modern times towards a healthy lifestyle, active pastime, and not just relaxing on the beach under the scorching sun. It is this type of recreation that Explorer tours implements.

Our offer will change your life

At the heart of creating the model of your best vacation is the well-coordinated and systematic work of the staff, that always interact perfectly and create conditions in which every vacationer can simply relax without feeling care about the details. Whenever you have a question …

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School holidays are coming around. Well, for those of you who love traveling, of course, you will prepare for it from now. Because the conditions are getting better, you can go on vacation anywhere nowadays, either domestically or abroad. Many countries have opened their borders to tourists. Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and other ASEAN countries are ready to welcome you.

Singapore is the right choice for a vacation with family. The country has a lot of interesting places to visit. They also have great hotels to stay at such as Aston, Marina Bay, or hotel near Tampines and so on.

Not only hotels, but Changi Airport Singapore is also a fun place to explore. It has a park, movie theater, hotels, and a playground. So, when you arrive don’t rush to leave the airport. Many Singaporeans make the airport a tourist destination.

A lot of things you need to prepare before …

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